Google is rolling out access to Google Search Generative Experience


On May 25 Google began rolling out AI-powered search. The company announced Thursday morning that it’s opening access to Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) and other Search Labs in the US. Google SGE is the company’s infusion of conversational AI into the classic search experience. Unlike the normally stark-white Google page with 10 blue links, Google’s generative AI results appear in colorful boxes above the normal search results. The generative AI results will appear in a shaded section below the search bar and the standard web results.


SGE may be the biggest change in the history of Google Search. In addition, Google is opening access to other Search Labs, including Code Tips and Add to Sheets (both are US-only for now). Code Tips is a large language model-based system specifically for helping users write and fix code. For now, at least, generative AI results are opt-in. You can sign up to get into the Workspace Labs to test AI features in Gmail and Docs mess around in the new Tailwind AI-powered notebook, and even play with Google’s text-to-music generator.People who sign will get an email when they are able to get into Labs.


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