Flippy, the burger-flipping robot , to be upgraded


In fact, it will receive  extra training to help it keep up with demand at the restaurant. It was given no date for when it would once again be flipping hamburger patties. Flippy was made by Miso Robotics. Flippy has thermal “eyes” that monitor the cooking process and a spatula-tipped arm that deftly flips the patties as needed and removes them from the grill when they are done.

Flippy – the robot

Flippy even knows to switch spatulas (one for raw and one for cooked meat) to prevent foodborne illness and when to snap on its scraper to clean the grill. In its in basic form the robot costs about $60,000.” As Flippy improves its skillset, it will get faster and will take on more responsibility, including grilling chicken, chopping vegetables, and placing cheese on patties while they cook,”” Miso Robotics CEO David Zito told to media. Human burger-flippers needn’t flip out about losing their jobs to Flippy because humans are still needed to place the raw patties on the grill and perform other burger-cooking tasks.


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