Facts that prove we need to be always patient with the AI progress


Google is preparing its own AI chatbot (Bard) but in a such competitive world things are volatile and often change. A mistake in an answer offered by the bot during a public demo on Tuesday caused Alphabet Inc. to lose $100 billion in market value Wednesday, not only money but also a part of its credibility. What was the famous mistake ? Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, attributed to James Webb Space Telescope a discovery that was completely false. It affirmed that Webb took the very first pictures of exoplanets, or planets outside the solar system. This thing was made, in fact, about two decades earlier, back in 2004, by a powerful ground observatory in Chile. The rival AI bot ChatGPT of OpenAI startup, released in November 2022, can produce remarkably human-like text, even in different writing styles and is consolidating its position on the market. But it is not immune from error. This bot provided too some controversial answers.


In other words, let’s be patient with the new technology. The progress happens but only step by step. We simply can’t ask the machines to be perfect from the start not remembering how long was the way of the humanity itself to learn and discover the most important knowledge we have.