The “Sarco capsule” – a machine to help people die


He is also known as “Doctor Death,” being known as the founder of an organization that promotes voluntary euthanasia, and writer of the suicide handbook “The Peaceful Pill.” In fact, initially Nitschke  targeted his invention as a help for those who are terminally ill. Later, he said however that each individual has the right to choose to live or die. Use of the machine does not require help from a doctor.


The 70-year old inventor developed the Sarco capsule in The Netherlands. The device is made up of a reusable machine base and a capsule that can serve as a coffin after detaching. These parts can be created using a 3D printer and can be assembled anywhere. The coffin uses liquid nitrogen. The person who use the machine has in the first two minutes a feeling as he / she consumed too many drinks, will lose consciousness a few minutes later and will be dead in about five minutes. The person can also push the stop button before losing consciousness, as an emergency way to change the mind. We think this will also start a new…”sport extreme” for some people who will think to experiment something new and dangerous.


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