The British inventor Sir James Dyson is preparing an electric car


“I’m not a Johnny-come-lately to electric cars. It’s been my ambition since 1998 when I was rejected by the industry that has happily been creating dirty vehicles, and governments have kept on allowing it,” Dyson declared. No prototype has yet been built but 400 engineers in Wiltshire had been working since 2015 on the £2.5bn project. The motor is designed and ready to go. They don’t have an existing chassis, all what is actually known will be rebuilt. The car will probably be manufactured in the far east but the UK remains a “frontrunner” for the production base.

We don’t know how the new car will be

“We see a very large market for this car in the far east … We want to be near where our markets are and I believe the far east has reacted [to electric] more quickly than the UK or Europe,” Sir Dyson is planning. Dyson’s ambition to develop a new form of battery-powered car was accidentally disclosed in a government document last year. Dyson’s inventor name is linked to the bagless vacuum cleaner and later to its “airblade” hand dryers. A few words however described the new car. Dyson only said it “would not be a sports car”. The entrepreneur  also declined to give further details of the project due to the strong competition. He first hatched the idea in the late 1980s. Sir Dyson sounded a skeptical note over driverless cars.Certainly, Sir Dyson wants to play with the big boys.


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