Collaboration between Sony Corporation and IBM produced a new tap storage technology with record density


The recording areal density of 201 Gb/in2 is approximately 20x greater than conventional magnetic tape storage media (9.6 Gb/in2). The new technology can support high-capacity storage of approximately 330 terabytes (TB) per data cartridge. There were always increased demands for high-capacity data storage media in the last years, for new markets as developments in the Internet of Things or the popularization of cloud services.

The new technology explained

The safe management of information was also always required. Closing the gap (spacing) between the magnetic tape and magnetic head is critical to achieving high-density recording capabilities. Upon establishing this new magnetic tape technology, Sony developed a lubricant that is applied between the tape surface and magnetic head. The new technology made it possible to create a nano-grained magnetic layer with an average grain size of 7 nm, resulting in extended tape length. Now, this magnetic tape technology was combined with IBM Research Zurich’s write and read heads, advanced servo control technologies and innovative signal-processing algorithms. The new breakthrough might make lower cloud storage costs if it catches on in mass production. It could take however quite some time before this technology makes it into commercial products.


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