An 11-year-old boy from Texas has an invention to save lives


The device, called “Oasis”, consists of a fan that can detect heat and turns on when the inside of a car hits a particular temperature. It has also Wi-Fi and GPS technology access. Once the fan is activated, the child’s parents will get alerted through the Wi-Fi. If however they’re unable to respond, the local authorities are contacted. The device would be placed on a headrest – in the front or rear, depending on the age of the child and where their carseat is facing.

Bishop Curry at GoFundMe

His father works as an engineer for Toyota. “I was so proud of him for thinking of a solution,” he said. He set up a GoFundMe page for his son’s idea and people became interested to sustain it The page has raised nearly $40,000 since it launched . Bishop Jr. has a provisional patent and a 3-D prototype for his device. He also presented the idea to car manufacturers at the Center for Child Injury Prevention Conference. He even visited the Tom Joyner Morning Show with his mom and little brother to discuss his invention The device would still need to undergo testing and modifications before it’s ready to hit stores.


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