Apple announced good news based on their technical development


Another news: Siri, the assistant, will improve its capabilities becoming smarter, on the Apple Watch. Not at least, it will speak more naturally in female and male voices. The new watchface will be something between Google Now and your Facebook feed. The workout app will get an update and users will can track multiple workouts in a single session. A new Apple operating system was announced: High Sierra. The the current Sierra will receive a free update. New technologies will help computers systems to have higher memory capacity and stronger graphics performance and about the price, as an example, a 4K-capable iMac Retina 21.5-inch will cost $1299. The Apple notebooks were also be equipped with faster processors and faster solid-state hard drives. A new iMac Pro will be available in December for $4,999. More things will come from Apple soon about the virtual reality. Bluetooth and WiFi will have de capacity to detect if you are in a car moving. Possibly, calls received will get an automatic answer saying you are driving. Other news from Apple are coming, just be prepared to discover them !


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