USB-C based on Intel technology will be the new standard to connect computers and devices


The latest version of USB 3.1, which uses type A, transfers data at 10 gigabits a second, while Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C can transfer data at 40 Gbps. We will can use USB-C cables to connect devices that traditionally use other standards, like monitors and HDMI or DisplayPort cables, with USB-C. We could even charge and power our computers with USB-C. Another important thing: a single USB-C dock with several USB-C ports will connect all the accessories and the dock would use only a single USB-C port on the computer. The USB-C jacks can plug into computers and devices in any direction, whereas USB type A could be connected in only one direction. If someone with an older computer will want to buy a new accessory that comes with a USB-C cable  a sort of adapter will be necessary.


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