An artificial sun was created by researchers in Germany, for industrial use


Called Synlight, this massive “artificial sun” is located in Juelich, around nine miles west of Cologne. The lamps produce 350 kilowatts onto one eight-by-eight-inch metal sheet. The artificial sun can create temperatures as hot as 5,432 degrees Fahrenheit (3,000 degrees Celsius). The hope is to produce to produce environmentally-friendly fuel, hydrogen , which is not naturally-occurring on the planet.

An original method was developed.When this light system is focused on a single sheet of metal, it heats it to 1,475 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees Celsius). The metal is sprayed with vapor, causing it to react with the oxygen in water and leaving hydrogen behind. In its liquid state, hydrogen fuel is incredibly volatile and can combust with only a tenth of energy that would cause gasoline to light up. This fuel, once created, will have to be treated with extreme care. This environment-safe kerosene fuel  could be used in aviation and rockets. No one can be inside the building when the lights are flipped on; a single second of exposure to the ambient radiation bouncing off the walls would fry a person. The machine in still in the testing phase, for several years. Actually, in just four hours, the system uses the same amount of electricity an average household consumes in an entire year.


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