CeBIT 2017 was the event of the year as a place to show advanced technology


Topics as artificial words – real business opportunities, solutions for a paperless office, the Internet of Things, efficient communications solutions or cyber attacks in the industry retained public attention giving to participants the possibility to illustrate them. It was all about electronics and equipments, infrastructure development, research and innovation , not at least including the virtual augmented reality. This year, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Deutsche Messe AG have presented the CeBIT Innovation Awards, with their total prize money of 100,000 euros, for the fourth time.

The  human-robot collaboration was a big topic of the year. A robot in the Research Center’s Lab was operated from hundreds km away. “You can try it out,” invited Mohamed Mehdi Moniri from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence. “Put those glasses and you will be able to handle robots that are not even here. They are 1,000 kilometers away.” The first driverless city bus in the world, in a pilot project that has been underway since last year in the Swiss city of Sion were presented too at CeBIT. CeBIT first started 30 years ago and is growing because the entire world is in movement.


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