Pirelli company will launch the smart tire this summer

New tire prepared to be released by Pirelli this summer, called Pirelli Connesso, will be equipped with a small chip embedded in its sidewall that weighs just a few grams. The chip is connected to the Pirelli cloud and to a smartphone app.

The Connesso system recognizes each tire's identification code and can track it from when it's manufactured to when it's recycled at the end of its life. Current air pressure, tire temperature, vertical load, tire wear, the number of kilometers driven and other characteristics that might affect tire’s performance are measured and transmitted. Pirelli says a future version will also estimate remaining tire life. The actual smartphone app to communicate with the chip can even find the closest tire store, book an appointment and even order new tires. Initially, the tires will only be offered for 19-inch and larger wheel sizes. The manufacturer wants the smart tires to be installed in the future as original equipment and integrate the Connesso system with each car's onboard computer. Colored tires on the sidewall will be also provided. Pricing hasn't yet been announced.