A 3-year-old boy has a backyard roller coaster built for him


For safety, Brazelton received help of Paul Greg, a Boeing engineer who lives in Seattle and has dedicated his retired life to building backyard roller coaster for his grandkids. It took Brazelton about two months to finish the project, working on it on the weekends. He says the building process was fairly simple. The coaster is using gravity as power, there’s no motor. He gave Wyatt the option to make the cart look like a rocket or plane. Since his dad is a pilot, Wyatt chose a plane.The project cost about $1,000 for materials and $300 for tools. The video of his son’s first ride became viral on Facebook. The coaster has a name: the Brazelton Barnstormer. For Brazelton, the airplane-themed coaster is a way for him to feel like  to be a kid again too, that is a way to amuse the entire family.


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