Kickstarter says no to product simulations


Lately, around the web, there were some people pointing fingers at projects listed on Kickstarter. From now on Kickstarter no longer lists projects that present a hypothetical product via various simulations or presentations in order to prevent possible scams.

A Kickstarter representative officially stated: “Devices can only be shown performing actions that they’re able to perform in their current state of development. Product renderings are prohibited”.

Furthermore a project creator will need to fill in a “Risks and Challenges” section. Some worthy ideas were never given a chance. The funding site Kickstarter plans to balance the situation with its new enforced rules. Anyone who wants to fund a great idea can now judge whether an idea is realistic or not. By not allowing project authors to reward the people who fund their projects with huge quantities of an upcoming product Kickstarter underlines its uniqueness and role on the internet.


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