Russian created multitask military robot is prepared to be used at the borders


It will be able to monitor the location of drones, find information about their origin and track their movement, before sending all information to an operating base. Radar, thermal imaging and both color and black and white video cameras are used. “This system can be applied not only as a military interface , but also for the protection of any strategic objects,” chief project engineer Dmitry Perminov said. “We already had a real case during the system test. At some point [the robot] recorded the theft of electric cables,” he added. Final software aims to be capable of being to tell the difference between allies and enemies. The development of a special military robot is one of the priorities of military construction in Russia.

The goal is to replace humans in the battle or in emergency areas where there is a risk of explosion, fire, high background radiation, or other conditions that are harmful to humans.The United Nations is now holding meetings on developing new international rules to govern lethal autonomous weapons.


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