Google releases its latest YouTube application for iPad and iPhone users


YouTube and connive in making this possible for Apple Users. The latest application allows to offer ads for iPhone and iPad users. It establishes a new way of making money for these two giant companies.

This makes it more feasible for to earn more revenues compared to their previous licensing agreement with Apple. These two famous industries are gaining a high level of reputation in the mobile market. Apple decided to replace the Map Service with their Map Service Technology. Most analysts have observed the disclosing agreement of YouTube and Apple as well. Due to this event many speculators have been thinking that the two giants who were previously good partners are now competing with each other.

According to Google, the latest YouTube application which is downloaded through iTunes allows users to enjoy the latest interface and connects with their subscribed video channels. The application enhances the features by permitting Apple users to view videos in higher quality, a thing that was not possible with the old Youtube version.

Lately, Youtube Platform Partnership Director, Francisco Varela mentioned that the new application has been remodeled to let the Apple users experience a new cutting edge interface. Apple produced its own version of the application using specifications set by Google but failed to update the software for quite some time. On the other hand, Google made this new interface and distributed the product through iTunes.

Last month, Apple made public the fact that the Youtube agreement terms between them and Google expired. Mr. Verela did not make a comment regarding why these terms were not renegotiated.



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