Human-powered helicopter bike


The prize was won and nowadays the competition is all about innovation and breaking records set in the previous years. Students at University of Maryland are using a design powered by pedal power in hope to break the current human-powered helicopter record.

First year student Henry Enerson flew the contraption by using nothing more than pedal power. He kept pedaling until the helicopter bike Gamera II was hovering in the air 2.5m up. The descent was smooth and he managed to be in the air for 25 seconds. This is the highest a human powered helicopter bike has ever gone. Some years ago this would have been a time record too.

Gamera I first set a world record for the duration of flight in 2011 when it flew 11.4 seconds in the air. The new and improved Gamera II is lighter and stronger and was designed for greater flight duration. The Sikorsky Prize is now $250000 for any human powered helicopter that can fly at 3.05m (10 feet) altitude for at least 65 seconds.


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