SolidEnergy Systems prepares a new powerful battery


The new batteries have been developed by SolidEnergy Systems, a company started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which plans to make them available to smartphone and wearable manufacturers next year and electric car makers the year after. SolidEnergy Systems introduced the “anode-free” lithium metal battery in 2014. “With two-times the energy density, we can make a battery half the size, but that still lasts the same amount of time, as a lithium ion battery. Or we can make a battery the same size as a lithium ion battery, but now it will last twice as long,” they say.

As the company shows on their website as another advantage of the new battery, it will be “non-flammable and non-volatile, and can safely operate at elevated temperatures.” A very important fact: it can be manufactured using existing Li-ion infrastructure, and leverage an open ecosystem.


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