Scientists make a lithium-ion battery with 120x faster charge time


The group of scientists from the Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology already made a lithium-ion battery which can charge up to 120 times faster than a normal lithium-ion battery.


Their plan is to build a battery pack for electric powered vehicles. The group estimates that the vehicle lithium-ion battery will be fully charged in less than a minute. Conventional lithium-ion batteries take a longer time to charge. This is because the charging time is proportional with the volume of the battery. A solution to cut-down charging time is to split larger batteries in smaller ones. This solution was used in the past but it can only improve charging time to a certain extent.

Korean scientists use Lithium manganese oxide as the cathode material for the battery. This material is soaked in a solution with graphite. Then they carbonize it thus resulting a network of conductive ways that run through the cathode. This small difference in making the lithium-ion battery ensures the faster charging time while keeping the same lifespan and total battery energy. This new way of making lithium-ion batteries will have a big impact on many fields. The application of this new technology is huge. Just imagine a mobile phone or a wireless mouse that uses these batteries.



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