Google became a contributor to the Facebook’s Open Compute Project


, which is known for operating some of the world’s most advanced data centers,  proposed a new design for server racks that could help cloud data centers cut their energy bills. The new rack design distributes power to servers at 48 volts, compared with the 12 volts that’s common in most data centers. It reduces electrical conversion losses by 30 percent. The company deployed thousands of the racks in its own data centers. “So these workloads have only one AC-to-DC transformation step, and you step down the 48 volts – for example, at the CPU – to around 1 volt,” Urs Holzle, the senior vice president in charge of ’s infrastructure explained. Google wants also to develop an alternative to SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), which has been the standard for sharing operational data about equipment in data centers, such as temperatures and fan speeds.


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