Airline fuel usage to drop by 50%, and pollution by 75% in the next 35 years


ERA project manager offered details regarding the recent innovation: “We’ve been working with Boeing on a hybrid wing-body concept for the last 25 years… We’re not using the traditional cylindrical shape.. We needed a special structure for the flat design. These wings go back a long ways, but the trick is it’s tailless so you have to fly by wire”. According to NASA not only will this new project cut down fuel usage to half of what it is today and pollution by 75% but it will also decrease the noise pollution caused by airplanes by 87.5%.

Scientists determined that by using smaller tails they can reduce the drag weight of the plane while in the air. This is possible thanks to composite materials which will be from now on used instead of big slabs of metal to build large parts of the plane’s fuselage. The wings could also change shape midair to reduce fuel cost. According to Fay Collier, ERA project manager, advancements will not stop here. He estimates that in the near future airplanes might come equipped with hybrid-electric configurations which will be replacing the traditional jet fueled turbine systems.


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