Giora Kariv invents the cardboard bike


Inventor Giora Kariv is a bike fan as well as a designer. He got the idea of building a bike out of cardboard back when he heard about the invention of the cardboard canoe.

Cardboard is not your average building material and people use it mainly for .. , well just for cardboard boxes. Handling cardboard and making out of it a strong and durable material that’s not to thick proved to be quite a challenge for Kariv.

His first cardboard bike looked like a bike made out of boxes. He wanted to find investors to fund his idea but he realized he won’t get much support with that design. Thus he worked and studied cardboard until he managed to make a lighter design of the bike. Making the cardboard bike is greener than making any other type of bike. The production of the bike will cost around $10. This means that if the bike will ever hit the shelves of any bike store it will be available for $60. That’s cheap considering a mountain bike can cost up to few thousand dollars.


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