The smart house of the future, a project in Germany


The design of B10, which is the work of architect Werner Sobek , is based on the concept of “triple zero” that is zero energy, zero emissions and zero waste. Almost the entire house is recyclable, with very few toxic adhesives used to hold it together.  “For me the most important thing about the project is the interactivity and the intelligence of the software we are using here. It’s not so much the hardware, the materials, the construction even though that is important. But it really is the fact that the house starts to think for us and helps us distribute the energy within this area here,” explained Frank Heinlein of the Stuttgart Institute of Sustainability. The B10 House is based on a similar project in Berlin imagining the house in the future. The B10 remains a research project. A wealth of sensor data collected by the house are sent to a nearby university.


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