Google’s self-driving car was involved in nine crashes last year


One example of such an accident is one that took place in October last year. Then, a Honda driven by a man in Palo Alto crashed into the side of a Delphi self-driving Audi. Google’s self driving cars have a total of more than 2 million miles of road driven across the US. Up until this date the cars were involved in a total of 16 accidents from which none was reported to be fatal. The low accident rate is a definitive proof that one day self-driving cars could soon replace drivers. Among Google’s latest projects the company has built from scratch a pod-like two-seater prototype that needs no gas pedal or steering wheel with the sole purpose of self-driving.

These cars only have buttons to begin and end the drive, but no other controls. With the help of sensors, including radar, a laser and cameras the car will be able to take turns and make its way around pedestrians and other vehicles. The speed will be capped at 25mph (40km/h). But what is truly revolutionary is the fact that the firm’s self-driving cars will be able to detect and respond to a cyclists’ and signals (as shown in a recent Google patent).


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