Kickstarter campaign for the battery-pack of the future exceeds its funding goal


Even after 2 years smartphone batteries still have close to 80% of their initial efficiency remaining. Better Re already had some awareness around this concept. As awards and nominations in 2014 the product was the Red Dot – Design Concept Award winner. In the same year Samsung’s offered it the Grand Prize in the Tomorrow Solution Contest and in 2015 Better Re was Spark – Concept Design Finalist.

While the idea of recycling is known to most of us today, we can’t say the same about upcycling. Kevin Cheung is one of upcycling’s biggest promoters. The product designer based in Hong Kong believes in the current environmental crisis we are facing, designers have the responsibility to re-create the world for the better. One of his most known products Boombottle is made of waste produced in Hong Kong. The production process for Boombottle provides job opportunities for people with disabilities as the product is assembled by the St James’ Shelter workshop in Wan Chai.

What Enlighten is aiming for with Better Re is something similar. Not only will the people become more aware of upcycling but also the production of the product itself has a minimized potential environment harm as Better Re is made using 100% recyclable aluminium and walnut and maple hardwood. The idea behind a product like Better Re is not just to sell it but to sell the story behind it too so that other people are inspired by it and start sharing the word.


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