A serious warning issued about the artificial intelligence development in Google’s projects


In fact, knowing what   tries, developing artificial intelligence, warned about the possibility that “(Larry) could produce something evil by accident.” On the other part, Larry Page himself said: “Therefore, you should presume that someday, we will be able to make machines that can reason, think and do things better than we can.” That seems to be issued from the science fiction pages but smart people just told us that something is going wrong and could be dangerous in the future five to ten years.

Should be stopped or at least strongly monitored on their artificial intelligence projects ? Should be they obliged to reveal publicly the goal of their research after has acquired more than half a dozen robotics companies ? It will be applied for real in the robots’ behavior the so called first law – “do not kill the human ?” At this time not many people can provide the answers. The politic zone is not yet interested or sensible to such subjects. But the civil society in the public area should be at least informed. “The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters” (Goya said) and for many reasons he wasn’t wrong.


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