Next Intel Xeon Phi Processor Knights Landing to boast at least 60 cores


Intel did not release too many details in regards to its third revision of its Many Integrated Cores architecture but there are rumours that say that Intel’s next Xeon Phi Processor Knights Landing will have as high as 72 cores. 60 or more cores, the CPU will handle extreme tasks. Intel did release some figures. The chip will have more than eight billion transistors. This is comparable to Nvidia’s Titan X GPU.

Intel’s CPU will however be better in terms of double and single-precision. Tita X only manages 200 gigaflops in double precision while Intel’s upcoming CPU will manage 3 teraflops in double-precision. The future will thus bring big changes. Soon people who do computation tasks for breaking algorithms, bitcoin mining or other tasks with their video card might switch to doing these with their powerful CPUs.


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