Mercedes-Benz F015 is a car for the future


  The not yet fully autonomous car has a self driving mode and will interact not only its passengers but with pedestrians and cyclists at the same time. Sensors in the grill will signal to outside observers when the car has detected a human and then use lasers to draw a virtual crosswalk to indicate that it is safe to pass in front of the vehicle. If someone waves, the car can use external speakers to say, “thank you,” in addition to other verbal exchanges. Operators outside the car, using  an iPhone and the Mercedes-Benz app can to tell the car to go park itself. Passengers can screens to display a dizzying amount of information, including audio-source figures, vehicle speed, estimated arrival times, video or voice calls or satellite positioning. It’s a multimillion-dollar prototype and it remains a work in progress being expected for a 2030 release date.


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