Microsoft is not speaking yet too much about the next Windows OS


It’s even estimated that users would be able to try out the operating system, being dependants of the monthly updates. It was revealed that the new Windows will have a “mini” Smart Menu, separate windows for Metro-style applications running on the desktop support for virtual desktops and many others new features. Some fairly major user interface changes are probably between the most important. At the same time, some “hidden features” to be discovered by the advanced users are supposed to be included. A new rumor is about a very important aspect , saying that internal builds of the operating system may offer users a faster way to update the software.

There are no doubts about Microsoft’s intention to present a product capable to retain attention of the actual users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Business users are especially wanted to make the change. Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner told the audience in July at the company’s 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference that the next version of Windows will have ‘game changing’ features for enterprise users.


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