Two students proposed to change something in the ketchup affaire


Project Lead the Way is a national program letting kids to be creative and find innovative solutions. And they found a solution solving a real problem. They did a lot of research. They sketched out each 30 different ideas for a design so they had 60 to make a choice. The final solution is based on the pythagorean cup idea and have the same principle that toilets work off of. The prototype was made using a 3-D printer and it works as it was described. The new cap could be made for 22.6 cents and that consumers might be willing to pay up to $3.00 for the solution, the related market research found.

The teenagers said they had fun to do this and, if patented, their idea could produce profit. Not all the people are however happy or really understand the utility of the innovation. „I am not paying $3 extra for a solution I can get from just shaking the bottle“ , a man commented online reading the news today. „Correct… solution to problem: hold bottle in hand, shake, problem solved… no 3d printer necessary“ added another . But they can be isolated voices on the future consumers global opinion.


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