A smart air conditioner unit was the idea of a common man


Leslie is a common man without the necessary financial resources to  take his invention any further and he was helped by the five-year-old New York City manufacturing company „Quirky“, which has as mission to “bring real people’s product ideas to life.” Turning on the air conditioner with the phone as you were leaving work and arrive home to a comfortable room became reality now. The inventor’s chance came after he once fell asleep during the day while being in front of the TV . He caught Jay Leno interviewing Ben Kaufman about Quirky’s business model. After this, Leslie created an online profile and submitted his idea to Quirky. As a result of the parteneriat of Quirky with GE to develop Internet-connected home appliances and devices, Leslie’s project was complete and operational 8,000 BTU Aros. It will be available this summer in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, P.C. Richard & Son, and Target. Leslie received a $100,000 check last week. He will receive at least 5 checks of that size this year and it’s estimated he will be a millionaire in short time.


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