Facebook will give more security and opportunities to users


People will try an app without sharing any of their personal information from the social network. The “anonymous log-in” new button is black. This will be available soon. At this time, Facebook is testing the new option with select developers. To make people more comfortable with using Facebook in conjunction with third-party apps, the normal log-in interface was improved at the same time, so people will choose themselves what information they want share with the applications they use. The second announcement made by Zuckerberg revealed the fact that Facebook is now accepting registration for its mobile ad network “Audience Network”, tested since January. This is expected to be used by one million of advertisers. They can choose to run banner, interstitial, or native ads off Facebook to encourage app installs and other activities. This will make money for app makers and for Facebook too. The social network made $2.27 billion from ads in the first quarter this year.


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