Microsoft presented Windows Phone 8.1


Because they want to push Windows Phone into a more global audience and into different markets, Microsoft developed a large parteneriat with Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Xolo, ZTE and Gionee. Micromax and Prestigio were announced as additional hardware partners. About the new features added by the Windows Phone 8.1, a lot of things are noticeable:
So, on the start screen, the users have now the ability to add screen backgrounds. The phone theme turns transparent and the backgrounds can be seen. More tiles can be exposed on the start screen because an extra row of tiles were added. The Action Center is fairly customizable in how it will allow notifications for running applications and the possibility to choose between classic text and audible or toast. A digital personal assistant, Cortana, is a complete replacement for the search button in Windows Phone. It is now a search function which also has the option to scroll through news from friends. VPN support was also added. Data Sense was introduced to show how much of a person’s data plan is available at any time. Battery Saver will increase the run time by disabling apps if the battery is low. The Wi-Fi Sense allows W-Fi connections to trusted networks.
As the commentators appreciated, the big announcement was the new Universal Apps, which allows developers to target a single application which can be installed in all the classes of devices.


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