A new toothbrush cleans teeth very quickly


The spokesman for Blizzident, Chris Martin, revealed that “the six second brushing time was just a side effect of the invention but that was not even intended.
In fact, Blizzident toothbrush is simultaneously brushing the teeth, tongue, gums and floss. There are 400 hundred bristles lining the inside the device. The American Dental Association have not yet an opinion. They need more time to study this new product. This invention is however treated with precaution by some dentists. They say that even though the cleaning process is perfect, the time to be in contact with the fluoride in the toothpaste is not enough.
Commentators appreciated that the price of Blizzident will not attract many people. Most of them need also more positive reviews to take action.
What it is noticeable, however, without thinking at this from the financial perspective for both – users and producer is the fact that this is one of the first applications of the 3D printing technology offered for the general public.


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