Entrepreneur gets $1.5 million with avatars that can read news

A rather impressive startup caught the attention of some very important people who invested a total of $1.5 million. The man behind all this claims he wants to revolutionize how we consume information. Instead of having to read news and articles this smart entrepreneur wants us to listen to our content while watching an avatar (a man, an animal or even a fictional character) read it to us.

Freddie Laker, the CEO of startup company Guide, has designed 21 different avatars that can read content from 70 news websites (Round News is not yet included: P) thanks to an advanced text-to-speech technology. 

Laker even pitched his idea during CNBC's Power Pitch where he presented gui.de as an application that will leverage real-time creation of video content with the help of new technologies such as avatars, voice-recognition, text to speech, social media, semantic analysis and many more.

Only a third part of already existing avatars are human and their voice still sounds a little robotic but none-the-less the result is a good quality virtual newscast which can one day compete with television content, and all this is free.

A demo of a cat power-pitching an article is publicly available at the following location: http://app.gui.de/#embeddedView/man-scores-15-million-with-kitten-that-can-read-to-you/anthony/paul/Jungle_4x3_background_new