The human fertilization can be more affordable than it actually is



The cheap IVF old technique could be done for about 200 Euros with generic fertility drugs and basic lab equipment. “A human embryo doesn’t need much beyond some basic solutions, a steady pH level and constant temperature” said Jonathan Van Blerkom, a fertility expert at the University of Colorado.
What it is amazing ? This can be achieved with two test tubes , female human eggs, sperm and special solutions, generating very similar conditions as in a $60,000 incubator.
Comparative studies have been recently developed and the results are promising: the cheap and the expensive method to do in vitro human fertilization are producing the same results.

According to the actual debates from the medical and social perspective, this will change the situation not only for the people in developing countries but in the rest of the world too, because even in the rich countries there are many infertile couples which can’t afford the actual expensive fertitlization treatment.


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