Apple is expected to release a new iPhone in September


Rumors are now circling around the fingerprint implementation. What is certain so far is that Apple decided to combat phone thefts and this ingenious implementation will add a new level of security to the information stored on a smartphone. In a few words, if an iPhone will be lost or stolen, who ever finds it can’t use it.

It is not surprising, on the other side, that the new Apple innovation appears to be a little controversial. Some people are very sensitive around their personal information and they do not like very much the fact that the fingerprint will be stored somewhere. Probably Apple’s new idea is including some commercial risk too. But commentators categorized such fears as “paranoia”. It’s already known that previously Motorola Atrix 4G and the Galaxy S3 were using systems to recognize the user.
It is possible that Apple will take consideration about a cutting price solution for their future iPhone models.


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