The world’s first “learning pen”


Tests in schools will begin later this year, based on the help of a starter campaign which raised about $180,000. When it will sell, the price will be probably between $ 160 and $ 200 but if the producer company grows it is possible to cut in half.
The invention consists into an ensemble of sensors, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a mini computer Linux based. All of the components work together based on a common AAA electrical battery.
“Lernstift” was designed to recognize the writing movements and it does this if it’s used to normally write on a paper or even moving in the air.

The “learning pen” can recognize the shapes of letters and entire words and can be used in the calligraphy or in the orthography mode.
When it is used, the tool is emitting alerts on writing errors. This ingenious tool for the future was imagined by Daniel Kaesmacher (co-founder) with the participation of  Falk Wolsky (founder of “Lernstift”)



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