Surgery knife detecting cancer



Compared to traditional method used to determine in a laboratory if a tissue is cancerous or not, the new invented knife is 600 times faster. And this is very good because in most cases it will help avoid repeated operations in cancerous patients and more cancerous cells as tumors end will be destroyed.
The new surgical knife, in prototype stadium, uses the electric current and a mass spectrometer to analyze and compare results with data stored about various tumor types.

The inventor of the new surgical knife is Zoltan Takats of the Imperial College. The experimental version of the tool required more than 230.000 euros to be built. However, the price will cut down when series production will begin. This will be produced probably in Hungary but only after two or three years because now it will be required for the device to have a testing stage. The results on the initial test were amazing, with 100 percent accuracy.


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