Samsung launched its first OLED screen curved TV


A new constructive technology was applied using organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), supposed to be the next generation display solution. OLED technology is believed to offer better picture quality than liquid crystal display screens. The image has high contrast and crisper picture resolution.
However, the analyst’s opinion is that OLED TV would represent less than 1 percent of the 200 million global TV market. At the present time, Samsung is starting the production of OLED screens from a small pilot line. The consumer’s response is attempted. This will be decisive to determine the size of the future market. Samsung is preparing to produce the first 50,000 OLED TV’s this year but the production can be resized to 600,000 in 2014.

Earlier in this year, in May, another curved TV using OLED was produced by LG Electronics Inc. ,
valued at $ 15,000. Their product was not yet sold outside South Korea. Samsung, on the other hand, will ship OLED TV’s to other markets begging with July.



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