Google launches first internet balloons


already launched such balloons into the stratosphere and the pilot for this program was already conducted. Charles Nimmo is the first man to ever use the free Internet access. He is an entrepreneur and a farmer living in Leeston, .

He signed up for the experiment and thus he was prepared. Outside of his home he had a giant Internet receiver and as the already launched balloons passed by he managed to browse the Internet for around 15 minutes.

While this doesn’t seem like much for some one can only use his imagination to see the true potential. Thousands upon thousands of balloons would be needed to unleash the full potential of the idea but it would all be worth it. Reportedly one balloon can provide Internet access to a land area that is twice as big as New York city.

The balloons are autonomous as each balloon has solar panels attached to it. These power the Internet circuit boards, flight equipment, antennas and radios. And since Google decided to transmit/receive the internet signals through the unlicensed spectrum there won’t be the need for Google to undergo a regulatory process.


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