Hashtags coming soon at Facebook


Greg Lindley, Facebook product manager, wrote on a public FB post that hashtags will be denoted as is usual, with a “#” sign , like at Twitter and other social networks. Clicking on a hashtag, users will connect with all the other people’s profile and pages using the same hashtag word. Even using hashtags, the other properties of a Facebook post will be the same, offering the choice to make it public or private. The use of hashtags will make easier for any user to jump into a conversation if interested about. As a general rule and recommendation, the chosen hashtag should be informative and concise and not conceptual.
Even this is potentially a good opportunity for marketing, Facebook announced Wednesday that businesses is not yet allowed to use them.

Some commentators appreciated that the Facebook’s initiative was planned to better compete with other big social networks , especially with Twitter or Instagram.

Talking about other planned future innovations on their socialization platform, the staff of Facebook still keeps the mystery. It seems like they are preparing a surprise. The possibilities are bound to increase.



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