Researchers at Purdue University created an invisibility cloak


Professor Andrew M. Weiner from the Purdue University explains that the idea of an invisibility cloak was never far-fetched. While the general public usually thinks at the invisibility cloak used in the Harry Potter movies the professor explained that there are actually two kinds of invisibility cloaks that can be built. J.K. Rowling described what scientists refer to as a spatial cloak.

Researchers at the Purdue University developed a time invisibility cloak. This cloak basically uses time to make things invisible. This second type of cloak is harder to imagine.

Ph. D candidate Joseph Lukens, co-publisher of invisibility cloak research findings, explains: “Time cloaking is relatively new. It’s based on the idea that there are places in time where if something were to happen it wouldn’t be picked up, so no one can tell that it has occurred,”

The research done so far only granted Lukens the means to cloak small electrical signals. And while there’s still a long way to go until we have an invisibility cloak that we can use for making ourselves invisible, scientists dream like us at the same thing.


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