BlackBerry CEO not hopeful about the future of tablets


During the interview, he said that, in the coming 5 years, there’s little reason for tablets to have a place anymore. The words are considered to be pretty strong especially after Blackberry’s one and only tablet device BlackBerry PlayBook failed to put up any level of competition in the market. The launch of this tablet is considered to be a huge flop. It debuted without the core e-mail and messaging application of BlackBerry.

In spite of the failure of the BlackBerry, there are still some faithful’s who believe that successors of PlayBook could prove to be successful.

Heins has previously stated that Blackberry won’t invest in the tablet market unless it has prospects of profit.  He said the same thing to Bloomberg and revoiced his thought process by stating that he doesn’t believe that tablet business has any future.

Heins’ point of view has later been supported by a statement issued by the BlackBerry.


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