Specially sculpted pot stirs itself

A Japenese inventor came up with an incredible pot that it's stiring itself in what looks like a whirlpool. If you're either making a soup or boiling pasta then you will definately appreciate this wonder device.

The water spirals in the pot because it is risen as it becomes hotter. The pot has some spirals on all its sides and thus the water spirals are redirected into a circle. The created effect helps speed up the boiling point.

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New Apple OS, “MOUNTAIN LION” soon to be unleashed

Last July Apple set free OS X Lion of its cage. Now the tech giant is set to let another Lion out. They are calling it “Mountain Lion”. Details and expert reviews indicate that this OS is the combined breed of iPad and Mac DNAs.

It’s a noticeable fact that Apple is presenting Mac in an iPad vibe. Apple presented a sneak peek of the new and improved OS to a few selected press members and developers at its headquarters located at Cupertino, in California. They say that it’s an intersection between the Mac OS and iOS. As always it is expected to win the Apple user’s hearts. “Mountain Lion” is designed to be quicker and more accessible to meet the user’s needs.

The new OS has come with a few changes and at the same time introducing new features like Gatekeeper, iMessage, Game Center.

“Notification Center” now includes pop-up windows and a well organized list of all things that need your attention. iCloud is now easier and much more efficient. Sign in and iCloud is set up around your Mac.

iChat is replaced with “Messages” and it’s awesome. It includes all iChat features and more. Now unlimited chat, messages, along with sharing documents, photos, videos is more fun than ever with all your Apple devices, thanks to iCloud.

A good number of Tweet-friendly apps will take your Tweeting experience to a whole new level. It’s a win for both Twitter and Apple.

“Notes” is a cool new feature. It is newsworthy with photos and attachments. Mac is in the game. With “Game Center” it’s ready to face iPad and iPhone. “AirPlay Mirroring” literally turns your HDTV into a computer.

Now your Mac is safer than ever all thanks to a new feature named “Gatekeeper”. This feature gives you more control over your Mac.

Based on the similarities between the new Mac OS and iOS devices, it is safe to say that “Mountain Lion” is a step to bring these two products closer. This move has raised a common question about whether in the future both products will be run by the same operating system. But that’s not an issue for now, according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Holding his iPhone in front of the camera, he said that people love all the new apps and features, so why not add these to Mac also.


“Mountain Lion” will hit the market this summer.

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Remote control inventor dies at 96

The very notion of a remote control was first heard in the military environment. But after World War 2, US scientists experimented to find household uses for remote controls. Before the Remote Control was introduced to TVs it was first used to open garage doors.

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Google Inc. Announces Battle with Slavery


The most popular and world’s one of the largest valuable site Google Inc. has announced at Wednesday that this site is going to  provide 11.5 million dollar in funding to the ten organizations who actually work to the end contemporary slavery as well as  human trafficking.

Gary Haugen who is the president as well as a CEO of the “International Justice Mission” plus well known as one of the big donation recipients indicated the move as the "game-changing investment." However, this International Justice Mission is actually the Washington-based individual rights agency what actually works for rescuing the victims of the slavery and the sexual abuse in around dozens of countries.

The CEO has said that "This is the largest corporate step up to the challenge that is beginning to apply direct resources to the fight against slavery,” In accordance with the estimates by the grant recipients, this site of Google support will obviously free a predictable 12,000 human beings from the slavery and will also be able to prevent the millions of people from being unfortunately victimized. Generally the numbers differ broadly, but the policymakers, the activists as well as the scholars estimate amount of the current slaves at anyhow between ten million and thirty million people around the whole world.

The director of the Google's charitable providing, Jacquelline Fuller, told that this company has already chosen to spotlight this issue of the slavery. Fuller told “Many people are surprised to learn there are more people trapped in slavery today than any time in history." The reason behind it is this topic of the freedom and the most fundamental rights of the human resonated with the company employees throughout the world. She also added “The good news is that there are solutions. Google is supporting organizations that have a proven track record and a plan to make a difference at scale." The grant will be equally shared by the newly formed coalition of the international anti-trafficking associations. The volume of donation counting $8 million will surely go to the two coalitions which are led by the IJM in the country of India. As well, $1.8 million is decided to go to U.S. Anti-Trafficking Initiative.  The IJM tells most of the funding will come from the private donations. Again, in the year of 2010, it says, less than 1 percent of its grant came from the large business or big corporate foundations.



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