WhatsApp is introducing the „Delete messages” feature

WhatsApp is gradually rolling out the self-destructing message feature for its Android Beta version.

This will automatically delete a message after a particular period of time set by the user. As the feature is still under development, all Android users may not be able to see an update notification on their Google Play Store right now. The feature will be initially available for group chats and can be enabled by the group's administrators, being available in Contact Info or Group Settings. Turning this feature on will delete every message sent to that chat within the chosen time interval. It will not leave trace of messages deleted on the chat. In case of the former 'Delete for Everyone' feature, once the user deletes messages manually, the app displays, "This message has been deleted" on the chat screen.


The feature is not a new feature in the app market. It is being rolled out on the Beta version number 2.19.348. Self-destructing messages aren’t something new and have existed in other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal. The Facebook-owned company is yet to introduce dark mode too.