New feature of Google search to help people to pronnounce English words

Google has unveiled a new feature that will help users practice pronouncing tricky words, along with providing their meanings.

This works as an experimental feature giving the American pronunciation for English words. The new feature could be accessed in Google Search on the smartphone. With the new practice pronunciation feature, people will now be able to both hear the audio of the word as well as practice saying it into the phone's microphone receiving feedback on it if anything needs to be improved upon in the pronunciation. Spanish language support will follow soon. Certain words will also be getting a visual representation when are searched for their translations or definitions. The new feature will be useful for difficult words.


According to Google, the feature uses speech recognition technology to break spoken words into individual soundbites. Then, it uses machine learning to tell if your pronunciation was correct, and it offers syllable-specific feedback. Deep learning is a form of machine learning concerned with algorithms which have a wide range of applications. Google today also announced one more new feature. When the user search for the translation of a word or its definition, Google will now display images to give additional context.