Google Chrome 77 is ready with new features


First of all, it lets now the users send tabs to different devices, as it was previously tested in July. This eliminates the need to mess about with bookmarks, or email URLs. To use the new feature it’s needed to tap the menu button in Chrome, select ‘Share’ and select the option ‘Send this page’. This will enable user to send the current page to any device he is currently signed into.The transfer is made  using person’s account. he receiving device will display an alert that includes the name of the sharing device, the name of the page and the URL.


The user can already right-click on a link and a new context menu will appear that simply lets him send links to other devices.  Chrome.Chrome 77 also has a new, simplified Downloads screen. It’s a row of buttons along the top of the screen for choosing different file types. Chrome 77 (77.0.3865.73) for Android willl become available on Play over the next few weeks. This release includes stability and performance improvements. There are also various changes aimed at developers.


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