Netflix Outage on Christmas Eve finally over


For some customers, the outage continued till Christmas morning. The company first began to respond to the tweets regarding the disrupted service yesterday around 1 p.m. PT. Approximately, 3 hours later, an apology was issued by Netflix on its Twitter account.

Yesterday late afternoon, Netflix on the micro-blogging site Twitter tweeted that the company is sorry for the outage on Christmas Eve. They assured that the engineers are working on the issue.

The issue was pinned by Netflix on the server of Amazon Web Services. Netflix said that they are working in collaboration with Amazon engineers to come up with a fix.

Later yesterday evening, Netflix tweeted that the issue was yet to be resolved and promised to tweet once a fix is made.

As of 1:07 PM ET the outage is finally over and most of the devices can now stream and use the video streaming service of Netflix.


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