Google will offer soon a new feature to G-mail users


“Dynamic email” is a new interactive email format. The service, which is currently available in a beta version to G Suite customers, uses the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) framework to load web pages within the Gmail application. The new feature will bring improved functionality to Gmail users, including the ability to fill out forms, respond to events, reply to Google Docs edits, and browse images. In other words, users will be able to perform several tasks from right inside the inbox, without having to exit to a different web page.


AMP emails also have advanced security and privacy functions. This will be on by default unless the admin chooses to disable it. To enable or disable the feature, users will need to click on the settings and choose the option before toggling “Enable dynamic email” on or off. The feature will only be available for the web version of Gmail. However, Google said that support for mobile devices is coming soon. Google’s AMP protocol, or “accelerated mobile pages” is already a feature that allows faster loading on mobile devices.


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